enevate B.V.

Enevate B.V. is a commercial spin-out of the kite power research group of TUD and a first time industry applicant. REACH is an integral part of the business plan of enevate, which coordinates the project and integrates the tasks of all other partners.


Enevate's kite power systems use high-performance kites for cost-competitive electricity generation. Unlike conventional wind turbines, enevate's system does not require resource intensive towers or heavy foundations and is thus highly mobile and easy to deploy. Being able to harness stronger and more persistent winds at higher altitudes allows for capacity factors higher than 0.5 and in return cost-effective electricity generation. Our launching product, the e100, is especially suited for replacing diesel gensets in remote locations in order to save costs and mitigate the dependency of diesel supply.

Enevate, a Dutch commercial start up of the kite power research group at the Delft University of Technology, develops a mobile 100 kW kite power system with a market entry in Q3/2017. A levelized cost of energy of less than 0.20 US$/kWh allows for significant reduction of diesel consumption. Installation, operation and maintenance requires a minimum of available infrastructure. Reliable, clean and affordable electricity - for your needs. Are you ready to innovate at the forefront of our future energy landscape?

Key persons

Johannes Peschel ,CEO , graduated in 2014 with a MSc degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Berlin. During his studies in Berlin, China and Netherlands, he focused on intelligent and communication based systems and his minor in business development and entrepreneurship. Peschel was working for Deutsche Telekom, where he also wrote his Bachelor thesis in 2012. For his MSc thesis, he was joining the kite power research team in 2013 and was working on sensor fusion for kite position estimation. Peschel is co-author of a contributed chapter of the book “Airborne Wind Energy” (Springer, 2013). Before and after his graduation, he was freelancing and working for CSA Computer & Antriebstechnik and Nature Technology Systems (Berlin based AWE company). He joined the Kitepower 2.0 project in September 2014 and co-founded enevate in beginning 2015.

More information about the development team can be found at www.enevate.nl.