The common periwinkle plant (Vinca minor) is often spotted creeping down steep hillsides and banks, offering a green and growing affect in areas which might otherwise be bare.The periwinkle plant is exceptional as an erosion control specimen.Periwinkle is also used as a spreading shrub in USDA garden zones 4 to 8. 5, to fun, themed ones such as … Vera Wang Embrace Periwinkle & Iris: rated 5 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. Vera Wang Embrace Perfume Periwinkle and Iris for Women is an inviting oriental scent. Hello, My mother had a beautiful bottle of perfume the she was gifted in the late 1990's. Review of Natural Products. Shalimar 434 reviews. Periwinkle has some similarities with Tinkerbell: The Vera Wang Embrace fragrance collection has a unique story to tell. Plant in large clumps for the strongest impact. It is shown that Periwinkle is born a few seconds after Tinker Bell, making her the younger of the two. With opening notes of mandarin and bergamot, the periwinkle and iris of this fragrance give it a floral heart. See 2 member reviews and photos. Periwinkle. A reliable and attractive ground cover for difficult situations such as dry shade under trees and for erosion control on banks or slopes. 1. Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum Intense 1464 reviews. 2007. Available from Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc. Accessed April 19, 2007. La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum 232 reviews. Dosing. The plant has been used in the biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles.36. Great for attracting butterflies to gardens, patio tubs or hanging baskets. Bright and refreshing top notes of mandarin orange and bergamot form the opening layer of the perfume. Periwinkle is potentially toxic and has been known to cause acute dyspnea. Tresor Midnight Rose Eau de Parfum 79 reviews. References. If you'd like to include some fragrance in your garden, follow some basic tips for getting the most from your scented flowers: Plant them where you will be able to enjoy their fragrance most frequently—for example, alongside a path, patio, open window, or in a container you can move around easily. Further information. Periwinkle, in zoology, any small marine snail belonging to the family Littorinidae (class Gastropoda, phylum Mollusca).Periwinkles are widely distributed shore (littoral) snails, chiefly herbivorous, usually found on rocks, stones, or pilings between high- and low-tide marks; a few are found on mud flats, and some tropical forms are found on the prop roots or mangrove trees. Bergamot, mandarin, violet petals, iris, blue jasmine, periwinkle, vanilla, benzoin and whipped sugar; FRAGRANCE DETAILS Periwinkle blue-ish inverted sort-of pyramid/cone shaped perfume from the late 1990's? There is no recent clinical evidence to support specific doses of periwinkle for medicinal use. Vera Wang Embrace Periwinkle And Iris Perfume by Vera Wang, Delicate and feminine, Vera Wang Embrace Periwinkle and Iris was launched in 2015 and is the perfect choice for an everyday fragrance. Periwinkle and Lace’s perfume bar has more than 400 different scents to choose from— from designer types such as Jo Malone and Chanel No. Best performance when Periwinkle likes to make frost swirls and ice sliding on frozen waterfalls. Periwinkle's hairstyle was designed by hairstylist Ken Paves and was inspired by the icicle known as a "frost flower". Lovely flowers complement glossy leaves. Periwinkle is often also called creeping vinca or creeping myrtle. Traditional doses have included 10 leaves and 10 flowers boiled in water as a tea, or 9 pink flowers in 0.5 L of water for 3 hours ("solar tea") sipped throughout the day.4 This superb Summer performer thrives in hot locations near buildings or pavement. FRAGRANCE NOTES. Bright, cheerful flowers cover mounds of lush foliage. For the past four years, Periwinkle and Lace has catered over a hundred perfume bars for various special events. factsandcomparisons4.0 [online]. Most Viewed Women's Fragrance Products. Vera Wang Periwinkle and Iris body spray also contains scents of whipped cream, vanilla, benzoin and sugar for a deliciously sweet and gourmand finish. Periwinkle and iris scents are perfect for the traditionalist or the woman who swoons over timeless moments. Lovely with dusty miller or grasses.

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