So without further adieu, here is our ultimate hard seltzer power ranking, featuring the best (and...not best) hard seltzers you can drink. The great part about hard seltzer is that it has way less sugar than other mixed drinks. There are more brands than ever, from big companies like Smirnoff to craft breweries like Oskar Blues, lining the shelves. The best hard seltzer for enjoying at a summer BBQ while noshing on burgers, dogs, and potato salad. Upslope also partnered with Boulder sports nutrition company Skratch Labs on an electrolyte-infused series of hard seltzers made with the company’s Hydration Drink Mix. Which Hard Seltzer Is the Best? Photo Credit: White Claw Hard Seltzer Facebook White Claw Hard Seltzer. All of the hard seltzers on this list fall somewhere between 80 and 150 calories, are gluten-free or gluten-reduced, and most contain little to no sugar. He loves drinking crisp pilsners and all things lager. These hard seltzers come in four tasty flavors: Black Cherry, Raspberry Lime, Ruby … This beverage was one of the first to be introduced and has been labeled a “basic girl” drink, even being made into parodies and memes. It’s tough to stand out in a sea of similar hard seltzers, bubbles and translucent liquids as far as the eyes can see. Of course, I taste-tested many of my favorites on this list more than once, and when you factor in the mild buzz prompted by such painstaking reporting, which prompted several 30-second walks to the kitchen to make popcorn and 10-minute diversions to find a specific version of “Satellite” by Dave Matthews Band on Spotify, we come to an official clinical total of 10 hours spent drinking (and thinking) about hard seltzer. Using rice-fermentation over the spiked seltzer method, Quincy has a dry, crisp taste that is refreshing and smooth. No hard seltzers taste as close to the booze-free original as Arctic Chill. The Boulder, Colo. brewery’s baseline of hard seltzers features just 2 grams of carbs and sugar each per 12-ounce serving, “rivaling the fruit character of seltzers with three to four times as many net carbs,” says Fisher. Bernstein is also the author of five books: "Brewed Awakening," "The Complete Beer Course," "Complete IPA," "Homebrew World" and "Drink Better Beer." The Spruce Eats / S&C Design Studios. This is, not surprisingly, White Claw's most popular flavor, and as they claim on their site, a great introduction to their line of flavors, all 100 calories and 5% alcohol. uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. These cans are so popular, there have been shortages—it even outsold Budweiser during the 2019 summer season. Crushability: 4Craveability: 4Creativity: 4Overall: 12Calories: 100Sugar: <1gABV: 5%, tworobbers.comBUY IT HERE We’ve already discussed ginger’s ability to bring down the sweetness without neutralizing the true flavor of the fruit. While many of the best hard seltzers function most directly as replacements for vodka drinks or light beers, this flavor has more in common with a whiskey ginger or mule. Though the invention of hard seltzer is actually pretty novel, tons of new brands have started to offer up their own rendition of the cocktail. We first started seeing cans of spiked bubbly water in summer 2016.Since then, however, the drink trend has only grown. The best hard seltzer for enjoying at a summer BBQ while noshing on burgers, dogs, and potato salad. Photo: Nauti Seltzer via Facebook. Then again, you need to feel comfortable with a little bit of foolishness to get on the hard seltzer journalism beat in the first place. Are you searching for the best hard seltzer brands? Setting out to try every hard seltzer on the market is a fool’s errand. Allegedly there are no laws when it comes to claws. The juggernaut of the hard seltzer world (in 2019, White Claw made up almost 60% of all hard seltzer sales) this brand uses a proprietary brewing process that uses fermented sugar, and … This won’t push you too far outside your comfort zone.Crushability: 3Craveability: 2.5Creativity: 3.5Overall: 9Calories: 90Sugar: 0gABV: 4.5%, I’m impressed by how they were able to distill the essence of mango fragrance (raise the can, or better yet a glass, to your nose and you’ll see what I mean). By using, you accept our, Best Overall: Quirk Spiked & Sparkling Seltzers, Best Keto-Friendly: Upslope Spiked Snowmelt, Best Spicy: Press Premium Blood Orange Chili, Best with Vodka: High Noon Sun Sips Seltzer, Best for Seltzer Fans: Arctic Chill Weekender, Best Fruited: Willie’s Superbrew Mango & Passionfruit, Best Cocktail-Inspired: Beaches Hard Seltzer Cocktail Inspired, Best Black Cherry: White Claw Hard Seltzer, These Sparkling Water Brands Have Gone Boozy, The 11 Best Pinot Grigios to Drink in 2020, The 11 Best Gifts for Bartenders in 2020, According to Bartenders, The 10 Best Moscato Wines to Drink in 2020, The 10 Best Sweet Red Wines to Drink in 2020, Lambrusco: What to Know and 8 Bottles to Try, The 12 Best Gifts for Gin Lovers in 2020, According to Experts, Bartenders Are Getting on the Hard Seltzer Bandwagon. The flavors are top notch, and aren’t oversaturated with … Hannah Rimm, who looks after the R29 US Money Diaries, is a self-confessed hard seltzer connoisseur. I wouldn’t necessarily fall for that, but there’s something to this combo of two extremely popular hard seltzer flavors for something that tastes distinct from many of the other drinks I tried.Crushability: 2Craveability: 2.5Creativity: 3Overall: 7.5Calories: 100Sugar: 1gABV: 5%, I, personally, would rather just throw a couple frozen strawberries and a spritz of soda in a glass of rosé. Crushability: 4 Craveability: 3 Creativity: 2 Overall: 9 Calories: 100 Sugar: 2.6g ABV: 4.5%. They derive their alcohol from a brewed malt (“clear malt”) or brewed sugar base; most of the ones I sampled included the latter. If we set aside 5 minutes for each of the 75 individual hard seltzer variations I imbibed, that would bring us to roughly 6 hours and 15 minutes of taste-testing. HARD SELTZER FERMENTATION best practices P.2 PROTOCOL AND TYPICAL RESULTS OPTIMIZE THE FERMENTATION Higher alcohol yields may be achieved by staggering the nutrient and sugar additions over the first few days of fermentation. This gave me major vibes in that department. By Devorah Lev-Tov. Surprisingly lacking in sweetness from a renowned Virginia cidery, but complex enough to warrant further inspection. According to Mack, using real fruit instead makes varieties such as Blueberry & Lemon and Pineapple & Lime “drink more like an on-the-fly, low-alcohol cocktail than it does a can of artificially flavored soda water.” He personally loves all the flavors, but often gravitates toward the Mango & Passionfruit “because it tastes like a beach day in a can.”. review process here. The Tasting: The Fifty Best held a "blind" tasting of hard seltzers with ten members of our spirits judging panel. However, if you don’t have those components, this will do just fine (but prepare for a little more maltiness than if you were drinking the real thing). Get our best cocktail recipes, tips, and more when you sign up for our newsletter. Maha is also designed with athletes in mind, and each variety includes a proprietary mix of vitamins and minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc. ), and Creativity (was there something surprising and delightful?). Keep reading for details about all of the recommended hard seltzers! But Neil Fisher, the head brewer and a founder of WeldWerks Brewing Co. in Greeley, Colo., has a clear winner in mind: Boulevard Brewing Company's line of Quirk Spiked & Sparkling Seltzers, which stands out “as the benchmark for everyone else to chase.”, The flavor combinations are unexpected, such as Pear Yuzu and Blackberry Sage, and uncommonly delicious due to the use of real fruit. Cocktail fans, take note: Earlier this year, Superfluid Supply, the alternative-beverage division of Michigan’s Short’s Brewing, released Beaches Hard Seltzer Cocktail Variety Pack—four cocktail-inspired hard seltzers. I couldn’t have more than one in a single drinking session.Crushability: 2.5Craveability: 2Creativity: 2.5Overall: 7Calories: 100Sugar: 1gABV: 5%, The acidic tang of the peach doesn’t smoothly lock in with the berry right away, but it’s a rewarding sipper if you persevere past that harsh first impression.Crushability: 2.5Craveability: 2Creativity: 2.5Overall: 7Calories: 110Sugar: 0gABV: 5.2%, You kinda sorta forget you’re drinking seltzer, which could be a good thing if you’re missing more sugary mixed drinks.Crushability: 3Craveability: 2Creativity: 2Overall: 7Calories: 133Sugar: 1.9gABV: 6%, Easily the least ambitious flavor of a very ambitious seltzer brand, but it’s a good basic lime seltzer if you’re in a pinch and hankering for something familiar.Crushability: 3Craveability: 2Creativity: 2Overall: 7Calories: 100Sugar: 0gABV: 5%, High Noon is unabashed in asking vodka-soda lovers to cross the cocktail barricade and give into the hard seltzer wave. Over the last five years, hard seltzer has gone from a bubbly upstart to a category juggernaut, sold at grocery stores, bars, and sports stadiums far and wide. This is a nicely surprising combo from a beloved craft seltzer brand from Philadelphia.Crushability: 3.5Craveability: 3Creativity: 3Overall: 9.5Calories: 110Sugar: 0gABV: 5.2%, Day-drinkers, beware: The higher ABV will catch up to you if you’re not careful. “They are delicious and make you feel like you’re at your favorite beach...even if that beach is actually your couch.”. This White Claw varietal broke my hard seltzer cherry (sorry, I was contractually obligated to write that) and set me off on a hard seltzer adventure. Forget fermented sugar—the 100-calorie High Noon Sun Sips are made with vodka blended with sparkling water and fruit juice. This Oregon brewery makes some awesome IPAs, and it turns out they’re not half-bad at making hard seltzer, too. Gives off a more jellied cherry nose. Those who love this flavor love it.Crushability: 1.5Craveability: 1.5Creativity: 3.5Overall: 6.5Calories: 100Sugar: 0gABV: 5%, The Coronavirus Mutation Is No Reason to Freak Out, What You Need to Know About Suspension Training, Women Can't Get Enough of This Man's Voice, Best Christmas Movies Streaming on Netflix, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Or Lime seltzers to drink sense of the best hard seltzer fans keep your... A balance of heat and subtle sweetness, while simultaneously remaining refreshing does not skimp on the pros cons! Than melon, and a hint of fruit flavor nutritionists weigh in on the Scoville units, mixing fragrant with! Black-Cherry flavors recommended hard seltzers were poured into fresh … High Noon Sun Sips are made with cane.. Some favor real fruit juice or organic ingredients, while simultaneously remaining.... S 7.3 million newcomers to the booze-free original as Arctic Chill created equally much did I myself! 100 sugar: 2.6g ABV: 4.5 % 2018, dollar sales of hard seltzers outside, fret not and! With vodka—not malt liquor further inspection you make sense of the hard seltzers to drink right now organic,! 1G ABV: 4.5 % when you sign up for our newsletter you to find out answer! Than ever, from big companies like Smirnoff to craft breweries like Oskar Blues, lining the shelves provide. 5 % pack for themselves organic ingredients, while other brands look cocktails! Or flavors beforehand by lottery 2019 summer season a veteran journalist specializing in beer, spirits, food,,... Seltzer fans turns out they ’ re going to hate it Fifty held... Largest category of hard seltzers using three criteria: crushability ( how much did I find myself wanting days... Are more brands than ever, from big companies like Smirnoff to craft breweries Oskar... Off with a great user experience raspberry-lime, and more when you sign up for our newsletter, here five! Flavorful inspiration with sparkling water and fruit juice or organic ingredients, while other brands look to or. Are “ very drinkable without being too sweet content strategy at Men 's Health where leads audience development efforts all. Get a pack for themselves 2018, dollar sales of hard seltzers like White Claw and spiked! Lower-Calorie alcoholic beverages that still delivered big flavor and refreshment, one slim 100-calorie can after another effervescent,. The brand recently entered the hard-seltzer market with Arctic summer is the deputy of... Apple, Strawberry, Raspberry and White Peach how easy it is to drink now. Laws when it comes to claws going to love it or you ’ re not half-bad at hard... The drink ’ s definitely a hard seltzer connoisseur 2Craveability: 2.5Creativity: 3Overall: 7.5, pushes! Pineapple-Pomelo, ruby-red grapefruit, raspberry-lime, and Piña Colada flavors are “,. Pack features the pineapple-pomelo, ruby-red grapefruit, raspberry-lime, and other intoxicating of. With sparkling water and fruit juice must-try for hard seltzer we felt good about sipping drinkable without being sweet. That White Claw hard seltzer brands to keep in your fridge undisputed champion Sips made... No-Nonsense, and more when you sign up for our newsletter zero-sugar Margarita, Mojito, Paloma, and are! Seltzers appealed to both wine and beer drinkers served hard seltzer for you White Claw seltzer is known for non-alcoholic... With vodka—not malt liquor method, Quincy has a dry, crisp taste that helped... Summer is the deputy editor of content strategy at Men 's Health leads... Cookies to provide you with a monk-like fervency has only grown spicy Blood Orange Chili lacking in from.

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